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the first is an article of sports with a gyroscope, which although it is very funny, won’t make you rich. The second is fantastic United States lottery, and now has a jackpot of $ 120 million.

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one of Europe’s most prestigious lotteries and the world, has a great jackpot of € 69 million. And TheLotter allows you to play from anywhere in the world.

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main lottery of Uruguay, 5 gold, has an estimate of almost $ 3 million jackpot, and seeing the statistics of Google, we see that he has broken all the records search in recent days.

must go back to the year 2011, when it had a jackpot of $ 3 million and was the time that sought more to this exciting game of lotteries and betting.

only performed searches from Montevideo and Punta del Este, indicating that people from other cities seem that either you are not interested in gambling or resort to other search tools.

if you are interested in the three million dollars from the 5 gold, you will also interest the $ 60 million that exist in the United States Powerball.

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We have made a great statistics based on official information provided by Powerball, one of the best lotteries in the world and probably the most popular in the United States. The data collected are from 18 January 2014 until 22 July 2015, a year and a half of collected data.

Many of us play the lottery for the big jackpot, but you must not forget other prizes, that they have little about consolation, since they can make millionaires.

In this period of time, the Powerball delivered 1660 million in big jackpots, they were 20 fat prizes awarded, being the smallest of 22 million, and the largest of 242 million dollars. On the other hand, during the same period, the prestigious Lottery gave 1244 million dollars in consolation prizes. The day more small prizes were distributed among gamblers, were 74 million dollars, and it was with the numbers 25, 11, 54, 13, 39, and Powerball 19.

As can be seen in the graph, notice that February was the month where more consolation prizes have been delivered, both for the year 2014 year 2015. And while there is a justification for the jackpot in 2014, by 2015 is not justified since the jackpot delivered that month were about $ 50 million.

Average delivered by each draw consolation prizes, is $ 7 million. This includes all the prizes, consolation, even hitting the Powerball only. Another no less regarding the Powerball ball data, is that he stands out notably that when the ball is number 19, is when more small prizes are been delivered, with over 113 million dollars, against an average of $ 35 million. And at the same time, the least of all, is the number 4 powerball, with just 2 million dollars in consolation prizes. This may be due to several factors, such as the number of times that it went as Powerball ball or the amount of bets on the draw.

But the interesting thing is that month-to-month basis, the sum of prizes awarded by the Powerball lottery is steady and $ 60 million per month. This is equivalent to dozens of new millionaires every month. And you can be next.



recently conducted this survey, with the interesting result that nearly 60% of people would no longer play in the large lotteries in the world if they could not choose their favorite numbers and only buy a ticket with the pre-selected numbers at a bingo card.

is really interesting, since buy preselected numbers one would be buying much more quickly, and given the odds of the drawings, they would have the same fate that your numbers, or even more chances, since your numbers are probably not unique, is well known that people tend to like it more certain favorite numbers.

however there are people who think that it all depends on what kind of lottery you are playing, if they are the of hitting a number of three or four numbers, the numbers that you choose may have more chances that if you play a lottery as the Powerball Jackpot that increases with.

we are not convinced by one nor another. What we know is that if we do not buy a lottery ticket, whether or not choosing the numbers, we can not win. And so it is that we are participating in the United States Powerball, which is drawn tomorrow and has a jackpot of $ 80 million.



TheLotter offers a service that is excellent to our humble opinion. And they are trade unions of lotteries. It is a way in which to put us together with a large number of people, we can play in Group and buy many more lottery tickets than we could have bought being a single person, and therefore increase the chances of winning.

these unions have up to 200 people. And let’s be honest, with prizes of $ 150 million, have almost a million dollars after distribution among all winners, it would be great for a small sum invested.

but the best is that they are not tickets at random, they are wheels of lotteries previously designed, planned and calculated mathematical and statistically so that they can increase the chances of winning the Big Lottery prizes.

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ship New Horizons came to Pluto. Those who are living in the year 2015 are really fortunate to see this technological achievement, after nine years of traveling through space, this probe that is taking and sending pictures in real time, came to where no human or machine has come close to Pluto. It is a spectacular achievement, and normal civilians have won the lottery to see these photos stunning of the dwarf planet known and most distant of the Solar System.

while very precise calculations have been made to achieve this, is a real luck that has been all good. But back to our usual theme, you think that it is easier to get to Pluto or winning the lottery?

thousands of people become new millionaires every year thanks to the best lotteries in the world, on the other hand, only a ship has arrived to approach Pluto.

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