15 chances to be a Millionaire with Euromillions

June 6, 2011

in Big Jackpot


In recent years, a large number of people in the UK and elsewhere in Europe and the world have been queuing for lottery tickets every Friday with the dream of winning big in the game of Euro Millions Lottery . This is a game that has made many people in places like France, Spain, and of course the UK, very rich indeed, and this is the reason why the game has become increasingly popular.

The draw was held every Friday. However, it also recently announced that EuroMillions is played on Tuesday, giving people a chance to win even bigger and change their lives forever. Of course, the organizers of the lottery have been concerned with the interest in the new party on Tuesday, which did not win this week resulting in a jackpot rollover Friday over £ 40 million.

A major incentive organizers have announced for the game on Tuesday June 7, 2011 in conjunction with the raffle draw Millonarios, a recent addition to EuroMillions. With each line of players bought is assigned a unique code. On the day of the draw of these codes are entered in a raffle, and the player with the code developed an impressive scoops prize of £ 1,000,000.

This is a game that is exclusive for players in the UK and to encourage further interest in the game is not one, but fifteen lottery numbers drawn on Tuesday. This means that in the space of one night at least fifteen people in the UK will become millionaires and the number could be even greater if the players from the UK and Euromillions is the game. If the Euro Millions prize is not won on Friday the prize on Tuesday will be very impressive and could create many additional millionaires if there are multiple winners.

Another opportunity that the organizers of the lottery have to play the lottery all the more tempting it is to change the payment structure of the game. Players are able to win a small cash prize by matching just two of the numbers drawn, even if they get a lucky star numbers, plus the two numbers. While the prize by only two numbers is not so great is another change that has been done to attract people into the game, which ultimately could lead to change their lives forever

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