5 gold, the main lottery of Uruguay with records of search

August 10, 2015

in Big Jackpot


main lottery of Uruguay, 5 gold, has an estimate of almost $ 3 million jackpot, and seeing the statistics of Google, we see that he has broken all the records search in recent days.

must go back to the year 2011, when it had a jackpot of $ 3 million and was the time that sought more to this exciting game of lotteries and betting.

only performed searches from Montevideo and Punta del Este, indicating that people from other cities seem that either you are not interested in gambling or resort to other search tools.

if you are interested in the three million dollars from the 5 gold, you will also interest the $ 60 million that exist in the United States Powerball.

plays in big lotteries of Uruguay and the world.

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