Does size matter?

January 12, 2011

in Big Jackpot


Size does not matter, do you?

This is a classic question on the popular level, where people question if size is important or not.

I think that question should be applied to each particular issue. And in the world of lotteries, I consider that the size is of considerable importance.

The price of each lottery ticket costs about the same in any lottery in the world. The chances are also similar to a lottery to another, but there are significant differences.

For example, now the U.S. Powerball lottery is the largest with a prize of $ 67 million. To win the Powerball must match five numbers between 59 and one among 39 potential. Buy five tickets costs us U.S. $ 12.50. The chances of winning the Powerball are something like one in 195 million.

But then, the lottery is far smaller the Kansas Lottery, called Super Kansas Cash. The jackpot in the lottery are just $ 150 000. But we can buy five tickets for only $ 7.50 and only must match five numbers in 32 and one aged 25. This translates to one chance in 2.5 million chance of winning. But the advantage he has is that we can combine ten numbers on a ticket, this is almost a third of the possible bets, for only $ 378.

You see, the chances are always a million, some more than others, but everything is correlated with the prize offered.

For us, size matters, but not the size of the jackpot, but the size of possible combinations we can do. Playing 10 numbers on one ticket to win $ 150 000 is a great thing and very possible. It’s like choosing two numbers and rolling dice.

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