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December 16, 2010

in Big Jackpot,Smart Jackpot


All lotteries have a jackpot, not just Christmas.

TheLotter currently recommends two lotteries, one for the prize, the other for the best investment versus prize to win and chances to win the award.

The best prize is the Mega Millions lottery in the United States, has won a $ 123 million, and the next drawing will be held on December 17, only a week of Christmas 2010.

The lottery is a lottery other rare and can only play from TheLotter, and is the lottery of Belgium. The next Belgian lottery draw is on 18 December and will be played by 1.75 million euros. You must match six numbers from 42. But the good thing about is that you can buy 11 of the 42 numbers, ie in four will have a chance to win almost, for only U.S. $ 924.

Now plays a major lotteries in the world thanks to TheLotter, and you be the next trillion dollar.

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