It is news: the eighth biggest prize in Lottery history is drawn next Friday

June 29, 2016

in Big Jackpot


an estimated fairly conservative, the prize of the MegaMillions of Friday 1 July, amounts to 410 million dollars and this places him in make it the eighth best Prize in the history of lotteries in the United States. This is because after 31 drawings from the Mega Millions, there has not been a winner of the jackpot. But many big winners of prizes there are consolations, million dollars.

only in the last draw of the megamillions, there were four winners that took one million dollars each. You can be the next winner if you play and buy your tickets to this fantastic sweepstakes lottery.

purchase tickets for the Mega millions from any country in the world, no matter if you do not live in the United States. This may be your cheapest investment with the best possible result, you can earn 410 million dollars to invest only a couple of dollars. It’s impressive and within the reach of everyone.

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