Mega millions with a prize of 310 million dollars

June 15, 2016

in Big Jackpot


the 17 of June 2016 realiznado will be a new draw for the Mega Millions lottery, and has a jackpot estimated at $ 310 million. An award fantastic, excellent, great, that it can solve all your financial problems with an investment of a few dollars and only is necessary to have an international credit card, no matter where live.

can be the next winner. TheLotter a men of Russia won almost a million dollars playing by TheLotter. This story can be found on the main page, because he won in the lottery of Austria playing in his homeland.

he played several lotteries in Europe and elsewhere for a few months when eventually, beginning in 2016, decided to try his luck in the Lotto of Austria. As of usual, he chose the numbers at random. Then, when he returned from work at night, he opened his laptop and saw that he had won. This history can take your name!

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