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March 25, 2010

in Big Jackpot


That boat you always dreamed of? Would $ 60.000.000 help you get it? Mmm, aren’t those 4000 USD shoes? I guess you can now afford some pairs. Did that have anything to do with the $ 60.000.000 jackpot?

How come we don’t see winners of the Powerball more often on TV? I guessnot many people is comfortable saying they just won $ 60.000.000 like the jackpot of today’s Powerball. I had a normal childhood. One thing that always caught my attention was my father talking about winning the Powerball Not for nothing they call Powerball de millionaire maker, current jackpot is $ 60.000.000!

Even if you decide to buy a new boat now you can, with the $ 60.000.000 jackpot! A $ 60.000.000 jackpot is something you can easily get from TheLotter. Will you buy? Click here! It would be completely insane if you don’t buy those Powerball tickets!

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