Play Powerball, win $ 252.000.000

April 19, 2010

in Big Jackpot


Your kids need to go to college, and with $ 252.000.000 I guess you can afford it. There are some nice motorcycles you can buy with $ 252.000.000

I was on a family meeting, when I talked to this guy about TheLotter. Instantly I was sold to this marvellous system. Not for nothing they call Powerball de millionaire maker, current jackpot is $ 252.000.000! Why bothering getting fit? You’ll have $ 252.000.000!

Even if you decide to buy a helicopter, now you can, with the $ 252.000.000 jackpot! There are some nice jewels you can buy with $ 252.000.000 It’s like the joke: You have to meet me halfway! Buy those tickets! Haha! Go now to TheLotter. What are you waiting for? Those $ 252.000.000 won’t be waiting for you forever!

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