Powerball has the biggest jackpot

April 15, 2010

in Big Jackpot


There are $ 212.000.000 in Powerball‘s jackpot. All my family was very happy when I told them I was gonna be a millionaire. But they din’t know how I was going to achieve that!

Next Powerball draw will be on 17 with a huge jackpot. I hope you know french, as you can’t miss going to Paris once you win $ 212.000.000 Even if you decide to buy a helicopter, now you can, with the $ 212.000.000 jackpot!

There are some nice cars you can buy with $ 212.000.000 Now that you can be the proud owner of a plain, I guess life is gonna change! Click here and get your filthy hands all over the $ 212.000.000! A jackpot of $ 212.000.000… Would you let that slip away?

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