Powerball is the big!

September 18, 2009

in Big Jackpot


The current biggest jackpot in the whole World is the lottery from USA, the Powerball lotto!

It has an amazing jackpot of 111,000,000 dollars. Yes, 111 million dollars. Imagine all you can buy with that money, I am sure you won’t be able to spend that kind of money!

Powerball lotto consists on matching five numbers among 59, and an extra Power Ball among 39 numbers. And each ticket costs you $2,50.

Play now with The Lotter and take advantage of their promotion of 1+1 where they will gift you another ticket for your first purchase! This is amazing, is like playing the lottery for free.

You can became the next millionaire, play now with the Lotter and Win TheLotter!

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