SuperEnalotto jackpot keeps growing

September 8, 2009

in Big Jackpot


The SuperEnalotto jackpot keeps growing draw by draw. The Italian Lotto now reachs the amazing jackpot of € 51,000,000. Do you wonder how many things can you buy with that incredible amount of money?

Seems as the only lottery near to this jackpot is the Powerball lottery. But still needs to grow a lot more to over SuperEnalotto.

Next draw for SuperEnalotto is on September 10th, so you have less than two days to buy your lotto tickets and Win The Lotter.

If you buy now 5 tickets for SuperEnalotto for the next 52 draws, it just costs you US$ 377.00 – and you SAVE US$ 182.00! Buy now on The Lotter.

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