SuperEnalotto versus Mega Millions

April 11, 2011

in Big Jackpot


It gives a curious case in the world of lotteries is that there is no jackpot fully featured, but there are two and the difference is only a million dollars.

The SuperEnalotto of Italy and the U.S. Mega Millions, are both a premium of approximately $ 59 million. To be more precise, the SuperEnalotto is close to $ 60 million and Mega Millions at 58.

Then the differences are the odds of winning and the cost of each ticket. In TheLotter, play in the SuperEnalotto minimum is $ 10.75 for five lottery tickets, compared to the Mega Millions which is 12.50 for the same amount of money. But while the SuperEnalotto we get six numbers from 90 in the Mega Millions are five numbers between 56 and one aged 46.

The odds are similar, but everything seems to indicate that the Mega Millions is a little easier.

Play now and decides which TheLotter play, can play in both lotteries if you wish. Play and win, it may be your lucky day.

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