Win $ 252.000.000 with Powerball

April 21, 2010

in Big Jackpot


I don’t know there, but in my town, when we see a jackpot of $ 252.000.000, we don’t think it twice. If you live in USA, enjoy this day, as you will be a millionaire very soon!

Have you ever lived in a hotel? Well, you can try that now. Actually, you can try many new things. Winning the Powerball will give you $ 252.000.000 of things you can experiment on. There are some nice phones you can buy with $ 252.000.000 Remember the times when you were told you could not be there? That won’t happen anymore once you win $ 252.000.000 in the Powerball

The next drawing of this popular lottery will be held on 21 and as we have said, its jackpot exceeds $ 252.000.000. I have always thought that it was not possible to waste $ 252.000.000 in a lifetime. What do you think? Buy the ticket to a new life here! Let’s close this, click here and buy the ticket!

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