Would you leave play the lottery if not you could choose your numbers?

July 21, 2015

in Big Jackpot


recently conducted this survey, with the interesting result that nearly 60% of people would no longer play in the large lotteries in the world if they could not choose their favorite numbers and only buy a ticket with the pre-selected numbers at a bingo card.

is really interesting, since buy preselected numbers one would be buying much more quickly, and given the odds of the drawings, they would have the same fate that your numbers, or even more chances, since your numbers are probably not unique, is well known that people tend to like it more certain favorite numbers.

however there are people who think that it all depends on what kind of lottery you are playing, if they are the of hitting a number of three or four numbers, the numbers that you choose may have more chances that if you play a lottery as the Powerball Jackpot that increases with.

we are not convinced by one nor another. What we know is that if we do not buy a lottery ticket, whether or not choosing the numbers, we can not win. And so it is that we are participating in the United States Powerball, which is drawn tomorrow and has a jackpot of $ 80 million.

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