10 tips to creating a winning in the big prize

October 7, 2010

in Lotto News


Here you get ten
suggestions regarding playing lottery
1) by no means play at
A great deal
of persons think that combining dates of bitrhdays from relatives
create lucky combinations

But if
we investigate
it in detail, the likelihood that these dates are shared
with many other people are very

The reason is simple, because as a substitute
of for example 49 chances in
the draw, we are reduced to 31 or

2) Do not play
winning combinations from the pastThe
chances of repeating the
exact same combination is very

Sure you
can give it a go, but It
will be very difficult

3) Do not bet on
consecutive numbers

Although you have the same
odds as with any other
combination, gaving this sequence would be indeed

Something funny is that the
1,2,3,4,5 and 6 combination is
the most widely played combination in the whole world, so winning with
it will give you a very small and share
4) don’t choose numbers fitting the same

same group I refer to all in
the same dozen, or all odd, etc

It’s good to filter by group,
without exceeding yourself
Refrain from choosing
numbers ending with the same number For instance, avoid numbers
all ending with 3 (3,13,23,33,43) It
is not very probable that
this combination will be chosen6)Stay away from patterns in
the ticketA lot
of people also choose a
diagonal or a vertical line in the ticket If
you win, you share the prize with thousands of

7) Do not reinvest the money you win in
more lottery

If you win,
keep the money
Do not spend what
you do not have
Although we all know that
the more you buy lottery
tickets by lottery will have more
possibility to win, you
should not spend
more than you can afford

8) Do not be dependent on the draw. It seems to be a joke or lie, but
it is, is that many people are awaiting the results. They play the
lottery and do not see the result.

9) Do not include any low numbers

numbers are the most stationed around the

Although they may be
drawn the numbers 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, the odds are quite low, including
at least a high number

10) Do not waste
energy on thinking about odds
We all know
that the odds of winning
are one in million chance, but remember that all winners, week by
week, of all lotteries in the world, have the same chances, so it
really can happen to anyone, even you

that you will win, convince yourself and you will actually

Concentrate on that

So, do your part and play

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