A lawyer claiming copyright for the slogan of national lottery

March 31, 2011

in Lotto News


The Federal Argentina has to study the appeal filed by a lawyer against a ruling filed, “for lack of offense, a complaint he had filed against the National Lottery, which was accused of having plagiarized the term” binge playing is harmful health “asserting that he owned.

The unique demands filed Narciso attorney Daniel Romeo who claimed to have registered with the National Directorate of Copyright, as its intellectual, the terms “compulsive playing is harmful to health and” pathological gambling is injurious to health harm to the gambler’s family, the workplace and in society.

In a case that began more than six years and went through an extensive tour of various courts, ultimately the federal judge ordered Marcelo Martínez de Giorgi “archive this case entitled National Lottery` s / infringement law 11,723 ‘for lack of offense under to the standards of Article 195 of the Criminal Procedural Code of the Nation. ”

The law referred to by the judge is protecting the “property of scientific, literary and artistic,” while the article mentioned Procedure Code states that “the judge rejected the prosecutor’s application or order the discontinuance of the proceedings when the accused made constitutes an offense or being unable to proceed. ”

In one paragraph of the eight pages of the judgment-which had access Télam Giorgi-Martinez explained that the law referred to “is intended to protect copyright, and therefore is firstly say that known as intellectual work all personal expression, original and innovative nature of intelligence. ”

This may be “the result of the activity of the spirit that has individuality, that represents or means something and that is an integral building, so that so that a work be granted the intellectual character from the legal point of view, is it is essential that the original “, which is not the case here.

Source: Terra News

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