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January 25, 2015

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The numbers that have been more drawn in the Mega Millions lottery from 2004 to 2014 inclusive, are the numbers: 2-10 – 39-48 – 51. These do not include the Mega Ball. While the rules changed the October 18, 2013, which added more numbers and happened to have 75 possibilities, we made a projection based on results and information from the past and gives us the number 58 will in the future, be one of the more drawn, as can be seen from the results graph. However, the distribution seems very distributive and did not seem to have any extra chance to play the most frequently drawn numbers.

Drawn in the Mega Millions Numbers

Drawn in the Mega Millions Numbers 2004-2014

Based on 1148 drawings made since 2014, we collected 1148 Mega Balls, and most Mega Ball draw number so far is number 7 with 37 appearances. This includes the modern era, so the Mega Ball number from 1 to 15 have an advantage over previous ranges. And a curious fact, the Mega Ball number 51 did not record any appearance in all those years.

Numbers Mega Ball

The Mega Ball number from 2004 to 2014

We also studied the number of odd and even numbers. Regardless of the Mega Ball, ie for five primary numbers drawn, is conclusively say that with 65% of cases with two or three even numbers and in turn, two or three odd numbers, those lottery tickets have an equitable distribution of odd and even numbers will have more chances than those without. If we end, only 6% of the draws were all even numbers or all odd numbers.

Even numbers of the balls raffled

Even numbers of the balls raffled 2004-2014 Mega Millions

And if we include the Mega Ball, the results are identical. For cases in which half are peers and half are odd, we have a 34% chance that outperforms the ends of all pairs, all odd, one even number or a single odd number, which added all, there were only 20 % of draws of these features.

Numbers raffled pairs of balls including Mega Ball

Numbers couple of balls including Mega Ball raffled 2004- 2014

As in roulette, we defined three stripes of numbers from 1 to 25, from 26 to 50 and 51 to 75. If we see the amount of numbers by lot within each stripe, we can conclude that in almost half of the draw there was only one drawn in the Gaza 51-75 number, and never was a lottery in which all five numbers match this strip. Again, we appreciate that the average tends to be the trend, with two numbers less than 25 and two numbers between 26 and 50. Just 1148 were 25 drawings, in which all five numbers correspond to the same range of values. If you choose two numbers between 1 and 25, two numbers between 26 and 50, and one greater than or equal to 51 numbers, you will have the best chances of winning.

Value range style Roulette

Value range style roulette for Mega Millions from 2004 to 2014

Continuing the line of distribution of values, a fact which we found interesting was the sum of the numbers drawn. Regardless the Mega Ball both have been offset lower numbers, numbered 36 only (given that the sum would be less numbers 1-2-3-4-5 15), and while it has has been added over 318 (noting that the largest sum would be 365 by the numbers 71-72-73-74-75). While the average here would give you 190 should add, reality, probably by the subsequent increase in numbers reflects that most of the drawings have between 120 and 160. Continuing the analysis, the average number does not give 29 for all draws. This would be something like the magic number, and although it is among the 15 most frequently drawn numbers, there is a reflection of its magic.

Sum of numbers drawn

Sum of numbers drawn, Mega Millions 2004-2014

We also study the number of times where there consecutive numbers in a lottery. In 65% of the draws no consecutive numbers. This means that in 35% of the draws yes no consecutive numbers, but mostly there are only a couple of consecutive numbers. The draw more consecutive numbers, was the August 16, 2011, with three consecutive numbers including the Mega Ball, the numbers drawn on that occasion were 4-38-41-42-43 and the 44 MB Play over two consecutive numbers almost no sense.

consecutive numbers

Consecutive numbers in the Mega Millions drawings

The Fibonacci numbers are widely studied for humanity and could not miss such an analysis. We have observed that in 240 drawings (21% of the draws) the Mega Ball was a Fibonacci number. And not only that, but in 658 drawings (57% of the draws) has been drawn at least one Fibonacci number. Considering that the only Fibonacci numbers in the range of possibilities of drawing are 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 and 55 (these are only 9 numbers 75) really looks very interesting this result . But however, the numbers drawn in 6888 1148 Mega Ball including drawings, there were 865 Fibonacci numbers drawn. This is within the average of 12% corresponding 9 numbers. There never was a lottery in which five were Fibonacci numbers.

Fibonacci numbers in the Mega Millions drawings

Fibonacci numbers in the Mega Millions drawings 2004-2014

There are many people who bet on the lottery dates, or even birthdays. This is interesting, since 3153 the 6888 raffled balls fall in the range of numbers with possible dates (from 1 to 31 for the days of the month), ie 45% of the raffled balls, against 41% corresponding to the numbers 1 to 31. The Mega Ball has only agreed 79 times (7% of the draws) with day or month of the year, chances here are really low. And considering all the numbers drawn, in 74% of cases, not matching numbers drawn with the dates given day, month and year in its last two digits.

Numbers drawn that match dates

Numbers drawn that match the Mega Millions dates of 2004-20144

Finally, we study the number of times a number is repeated from the previous draw. In 63% of the draws there is no repetition. And there were four drawings in which three numbers from previous draw is repeated, the maximum of repetitions that have occurred between a draw and another.

Repetitions of numbers drawn in a lottery the next

Repetitions of numbers drawn in a lottery the next, Mega Millions 2004-2014

The final conclusion is that no great magic formulas. The only way to win is having a lottery ticket. It’s like the joke about the Christian who prayed and prayed to win the lottery, until in a moment God replies “must first buy a lottery ticket!”. But if you play well distributed numbers, have greater chances of winning.

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