El Gordo Christmas in Spain

December 7, 2010

in Lotto News


The Christmas lottery draw is the most traditional in Spain. Since it is always customary for all play the lottery on December 22.

Spanish Each spent an average of 73.00 euros on the lottery, which is one of the biggest prizes distributed throughout the world. In 2010, tickets will be issued prizes worth 2,320 million euros.

On December 21 will be made public, at 23 hours, the examination and counting of the balls of the numbers and prizes to be done to make the Christmas raffle. These balls may be checked by the participants who so wish, request and authorization of the president.

On completion of the recount, the room is vacated and secured with internal locks all access, except for the stage door, the keys are held by three different nailers, once closed and sealed.

The lounge opens at 8 pm on 22, allowing entry to the spectators, without limitation that the capacity of the room.

At 8.30 it is the presiding board and authorizes the draw. Later, after being shown to the public, the balls are transported mechanically by the hopper, where they have been stored previously, up to the hype.

This operation is carried out both balls with numbers and awards. Finally, the drums are closed and a sign of the president are turned simultaneously.
A child’s school S. Ildefonso extracted a ball of hype numbers and another child, while another of the awards, both being sung by two children, who inserted the balls on the wires provided for that purpose.

These wires meet in a “table” to contain two hundred balls of each class, and closed the table properly before the board with the agreement of the president and the auditor.

The Christmas lottery ends when awards to kick a ball is not.

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