Electronic Lottery of Puerto Rico

May 19, 2011

in Lotto News


The first game of the Electronic Lottery was the Pega 3. The first draw was on 10 November 1990. On July 12, 1991 began sales in the second game, Lotto. The first draw of LOTO was made July 19 the same year. One person was the winner. In this game, the first prize is divided equally among all players who match all six winning numbers. If in a week there is no winner, the prize rolls over to the next draw.

The highest award of Lotus has been $ 19 million, held on March 5, 1999. So why play the lottery if you can play the Puerto Ricans now in the Powerball $ 120 million.

The U.S. lotteries grades are much more entertaining, and they cost the same awards hundreds of times higher than any lottery in the world.

Now plays a major lotteries TheLotter world, from anywhere in the world.

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