Five reasons to play online lottery

February 1, 2011

in Lotto News


Today a friend asked me, why play the lottery on the Internet? And with a big grin but not conceited airs, I explained a couple of reasons that I will share with you all.

1) Most lottery tickets cost the same here and in Japan. Barring a few exceptions such as the Euro Millions which is considerably more expensive, then all cost about the same.

2) Based on the foregoing, the awards are much, much larger. When a national lottery would be one million dollars is a front-page news, but the big lotteries in the world start at $ 20 million and sometimes more, with prizes reaching 300 million dollars.

3) The odds of winning are the same. The most popular game in the lottery is the 6 / 49, you must match six numbers of 49, they have the same chances everywhere are the same game.

4) comfort, satisfaction and control. When you play online and can see a history of what has played and what has won every bet, bets can lead to great self-control and comfort without leaving your home or office. It’s really convenient to play online. Besides services like TheLotter are 100% satisfaction guaranteed or money returned. They have years on the market so they are synonymous with reliability.

5) Disagreeing with your government. Play the lottery gives national income to your government if you do not like how this money is used, you can show your dissatisfaction by buying a foreign service, this will give them a message.

And I’m sure that if I stop to think, there will be many more reasons to play a major lotteries in the world via the Internet, but I think five reasons are more than sufficient.

So now the big play lotteries in the world, such as Mega Millions $ 91 million or 35 million Powerball.

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