Indiana scientist wins more than $ 74M Powerball lottery

May 3, 2011

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Hoosier Lottery, said Friday that April 2011 will be remembered as a great month for Indiana Powerball players have won awards for back-to-back for a total of nearly $ 300 million.

A couple of welders Clarksville, Indiana claimed the first jackpot of $ 221.7 million and the ticket holder $ 74 million in the April 23 drawing is a native of Indiana, William “Bill” Swanson II of Houston, TX.

Hoosier Lottery Executive Director Kathryn Densborn Swanson presented with his award at a press conference at the Hoosier Lottery Headquarters in Indianapolis last week.

Swanson is a Hoosier by birth and a professional geoscientist. Gary was born in and grew up in Merrillville, in Northwest Indiana, about 40 miles southeast of Chicago. Swanson is a graduate of Indiana University. Merrillville was visiting his mother 81 years old, Marilyn Swanson, for Easter, when he bought a quick pick Powerball ticket turned out to be worth $ 74 million.

Bill Swanson bought his winning ticket at Meijer located on Highway 611 W. Lincoln. (. To the west of I-65 at exit 253) The scientist challenged the odds of one in more than 195 million euros (1:195,249,054) when the six numbers on your Powerball ticket matched all six numbers drawn in 23 April drawing: -47-48-58 03.11 PB: 19.

Swanson had the option of receiving 74 million U.S. dollars as a 30-year annuity or a lump sum of 37.7 million U.S. dollars (before taxes). Chose to take the actual cash value and received approximately $ 27 million after taxes.

Swanson and his mother to buy Powerball tickets in Merrillville every time he comes to visit. They bought two raffle tickets for $ 74 million.

He had gone back to Houston when Marilyn check the entries and found victory. She called him immediately. He got on a plane and flew back to Merrillville tonight.

Swanson says she plans to spoil his mother who grew up in the Great Depression, the fifth of ten children in a one bedroom house. She was widowed a few years ago after 58 years of marriage.

“You can live his life exactly as she wants,” said Bill Swanson. “She’ll never have to go to a nursing home.”

The first item on the agenda of Swanson is moving to his mother near him in Houston. He is purchasing a house and a red Cadillac. As for himself, Swanson is not sure if he’ll retire. Plans to take some time to put their affairs in order and determine the best course of action.

“I like my job. I have to spend some time thinking about it before I retire,” said Bill Swanson.

Swanson says it ultimately plans to take it a little easier and hopes to be able to take vacations with your child of thirteen. They enjoy scuba diving.

Swanson brands Powerball win back-to-back wins in Indiana. The jackpot had been running since 06 April when he was hit by $ 221,700,000 in Clarksville, Ind. That prize was claimed April 21, Todd Reardon and Darin Fox of Clarksville.

The Merrillville win also marks the 38th time a Hoosier Lottery retailer has sold a winning Powerball ticket jackpot. Indiana leads the nation in wins Powerball. Powerball is now played in 44 jurisdictions. Net income from the sale of Powerball in Indiana is delivered to the state of Indiana. Last year, the Hoosier Lottery transferred $ 190 million for the state in which they were assigned to teachers, police and fire pension funds, as well as the Building Fund of Indiana, which ultimately reduces costs Hoosiers’ fees.

74 million U.S. dollars The victory is especially great news for Lake County, adding a jackpot winning Powerball jackpot to its list of 54.5 million U.S. dollars including wins Hoosier Lotto jackpot hit in East Chicago in 2007 (the Indiana’s largest lottery jackpot ever) and $ 46,500,000 Mega Millions ® jackpot won by a family in Dyer, Indiana, in February this year (the first – and so far only -. Mega Millions ® jackpot hit Indiana)

Swanson win is great news for Meijer as well. The store will receive a bonus of $ 100,000 (1% of the jackpot capped at $ 100,000) for selling the winning ticket.

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I won. It’s my money. All mine!

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