Lottery sales decline

December 3, 2010

in Lotto News


It’s strange, but the lottery sales are down compared to the beginning of 2009. And this is due to a reason that is even stranger.

In the month of choice for the best lotteries in the world, there is a strange fact that it sounds funny, does not motivate people to play. And the reason is that jackpots are being won draw to draw.

That’s because among the few people who are playing the jackpots are successful, the prizes do not grow to attract the public does not consider profitable to play for 50 million dollars, but by 100.

It is something that draws much attention and not understand the reason why sales down in these situations. The only way to win the lottery is played in it, no matter if the prize is 300 million dollars or only a million, you must play to win. And seeing that the prizes do not grow due to the large number of winners that are flourishing, it seems silly that people do not play.

There is no better reason to show that lotteries are a great way to earn easy money to see how the prizes do not grow.

What do you think? We welcome your opinion. Do you have a minimum jackpot to play? Or what is the reason that motivates him to play?

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