Low lottery prizes, the best time to play

April 25, 2011

in Lotto News


Really enjoy lottery prizes are “low. ” When I say low I mean less than $ 100 million, such as Mega Millions U.S. $ 29 million.

My joy is because many people do not think mathematically. While at first glance looks a lot better to win $ 300 million to 29, an ordinary person would not know what to do with the 270 million difference. But not only that, but a lottery ticket costs the same, the chances of winning are the same, but when higher premiums, plays a lot more people, then perhaps we win less than $ 29 million for sharing award.

It is absurd to play only with awards in excess of 100 million. So I really enjoy playing when the awards are calm, with the assurance that they’ll share the prize and the jackpot will I receive it in full.

If you play or not is up to you, I have already given the reasons why it is much better to play when the awards are low.

I win the Mega Millions lottery.

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