New York Lottery has contributed 2600 million dollar education

April 7, 2011

in Lotto News


In 2010, it sold a total of 7800 million dollars in lottery tickets from the New York Lottery Lotto or New York. Of these 7800, 2600 million were allocated to education resources.

For every dollar spent on the lottery, 34 cents goes to education, 58 cents is for lottery prizes, and 6 cents goes to pay sales commissions.

This gives us a clear idea that while not win a jackpot in the lottery, as we’re winning, because every penny invested in education, will make this planet a better world and future generations will have better weapons to face the realities to which they face.

Play now at the New York lottery and invest in the education of future generations, by the way you can earn $ 16 million.

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