Problems in the National Lottery (LNB)

May 9, 2011

in Lotto News


The National Lottery (LNB) urges a change of direction in the administration to avoid going to sink economically.

What they think wholesalers and retailers in the past 16 months have seen an unprecedented low in the sale, to the extent that emissions of 50 thousand tickets, there are drawings that barely manages to sell hundreds more or less than hundreds half.

Although no official sources to ensure this theory, we believe it is due to increased play on the internet, globalization has facilitated play in the big lotteries in the world without moving from our homes and play from anywhere in the world. For example, the Euro Millions, which now has a prize of 100 million euros.

The wallets ensure that the financial conditions of the LNB are so severe that several months ago and this institution are relying on capital, ie savings. And the obvious answer seems to be that if a person bet $ 20 per month, and discover an alternative, which not only must invest the same money, but it is much more comfortable and do not forget the draw and has to leave their home and participate for prizes besides hundreds of times, it seems the logical answer is to stop supporting the national lottery.

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