Second season of the Mexican lottery

April 21, 2011

in Lotto News


The National Lottery for Public Assistance and Azteca media company announced the start of the second season of the Mexican lottery, same as that start on Saturday April 30 at about 21:00 pm on Channel 13.

Accompanied by the host Raquel Bigorre, who late last year was named Queen of the wallet, the Lotenal official also explained that, based on an electronic system can determine which cities in the country were sold the returns, so drivers can raise awareness for the issue where the prizes fell.

The second season of the Mexican Lottery that introduces the figure of reimbursement, will be produced by FremantleMedia Azteca and the company, and driving will be in charge of Bigorre Raquel and Mauricio Mancera, who also directed a competition held in the studio with fun and games rounds of questions on general knowledge, that during the draw of the Lotenal.

For its part, the contestants of the games in the study can earn up to 10 thousand dollars in cash. Figures incomparable with the big prize of the lottery in the USA, where for example, right now in the Powerball, the draw for $ 72 million.

You decide whether to continue playing and pulling the silver in the Mexican national lottery, or start to dream big for the same price the U.S. Lotteries.

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