Australian Saturday Lotto is the smartest lottery to play

September 16, 2009

in Smart Jackpot


We meet once again with the Australian Saturday Lotto as the smart lottery to play today. The jackpot raises to Au$ 4,000,000 and the next draw will be on September 19th, next saturday.

The interesting of this is that with The Lotter you can buy one ticket and they will gift you another ticket on your first purchase. This is an amazing offer that doubles up your chances of winning the smart jackpot of this week.

To win Saturday Lotto you just need to match up six numbers on 45, without any extra or bonus numbers. Just a plain six number on 45. Extremly easy for a lottery, and you can play now from anywhere in the World, from your home or office.

Remember, play now and use the amazing offer of getting a free ticket on your first purchase. It just costs $ 7.50, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or money back! Play now and win the lotter.

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