Buying a lotto ticket when you get a double yolk in your egg?

February 24, 2016

in Smart Jackpot


Buy your lotto tickets because it’s a minimum risk and an incredible high amount of rewards! But don’t buy it because you think you are in luck because you got a double yolk in your egg!

Chances are, between chickens of all different ages and sizes, that you will get a double yolk out of every 1000 eggs. But when you get a carton of eggs, chances are much better for double yolks.

You will be buying eggs from the same chickens. If a chicken puts one egg a day, and you buy it from a small range farm that only has five chickens, you will have a 20% chance of buying double yolk eggs if one of their chickens gives double yolks.

So get your tickets because you want to have fun! But you are not in a lucky row for getting a couple of double yolk eggs!

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