Lotteries best cost-benefit ratio

December 6, 2010

in Smart Jackpot


Then will name the top 10 lotteries in the time cost benefit.

In the post 10 is Missouri lottery with a prize of $ 2.7 million.

The 9 is Classic Ohio lottery or known as Ohio Classic Lotto prize shared an excellent over 15 million dollars.

Since we find eight European lottery, the lottery of Greece, with a jackpot of 3.2 million euros.

In the seven back to the United States, with the Hot Lotto that gives more than $ 14 million.

We traveled the world to reach the position where we can find a lottery six Australian, Saturday Lotto with a prize of $ 4 million Australians.

Returned to the U.S., the state of Colorado to the state lottery that distributes more than $ 6 million and is in fifth place.

After a trip to Europe to find the fourth position among the best lotteries in cost-benefit ratio, and we have the lottery of Finland to 7 million euros.

In the last place on the podium, we have known and prestigious La Primitiva lottery of Spain, with 10 million in the jackpot.

In second place is the Swiss lottery with a prize of nearly 13 million Swiss francs.

And the lottery more intelligent and best investment versus benefit, is the lottery Megabucks Oregon in the U.S., with 8.6 million dollars in the jackpot.

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