New Zealand Powerball

September 29, 2009

in Smart Jackpot


Today’s smartest jackpot in the World is the New Zealand Powerball, this amazing lotto draw will be on next October 3rd. And do you know why is it the smartest lotto to play on? Because it is cheap, just $2,15 per ticket. Because it is easy to win, only need to match six numbers on 40, and an extra ball, the powerball from 1 to 10! Yes, it’s just that easy.

But that is not just all. The NZ Powerball has the big jackpot of NZ$ 23,000,000, which is around 15 million dollars!! That is a very interesting amount of money to win! And you can be the next one that wins the lotter.

Play now and get the fabulous offer of 1+1, and get extra tickets for free! Remeber, play Smart, play the lotter, win the lottery!

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