Play the lottery have a chance to win four

March 2, 2011

in Smart Jackpot


This Saturday, in Australia, there is a new lottery draw Saturday Lotto. It is the most popular lottery in Australia and has an estimated prize of $ 4 million.

But we reveal a way to have a chance at winning the lottery four Australian.

In TheLotter can play it possible to combine 11 numbers. In a lottery of 45 numbers, this is almost a quarter of all numbers. And you can combine in a single lottery ticket for U.S. $ 831.60. Perhaps the price a bit scared, but we’re playing with 462 lottery tickets.

This means that if for example we hit only three of the six numbers drawn, these three numbers will appear in 84 tickets, a consolation prize of $ 10.80 each, will have earned $ 70 in total.

With a little luck, you practically pay for itself. And if we hit all six numbers drawn from 11 to select, here, on this occasion, win $ 4 million.

It’s a fantastic business for people with very bold courage and confidence in the probabilities.

Now play the Australian lottery TheLotter and combines these 11 numbers.

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