Sweden – Lotto

September 14, 2009

in Smart Jackpot


The Smart lottery to play today is the swedish lottery just called Lotto. The Sweden National Lottery has a jackpot of Skr 24,000,000. This in american dollars is around $ 3,400,000. And you can win today for just $ 2.15 per ticket.

But this swedish lottery is one of the easiest to win! You only need to match seven numbers on 35. Yes, there are just 35 numbers and you only need to match seven! It is one shot on seven millions to win it, extremly easy compared to the most important lotterys around the World.

So this is by far the smartest lotto around the corner, the Sweden Lotto is the one you need to play if you want to bet with intelligence on the lotterys from around the World. Play now and win the lotter. The next draw is on Septmeber 16th!

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